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Whitman Across Campuses

The following suggestion for a reflective blog post came from Professor Gold at CUNY:

Write a blog post that makes an explicit connection between our reading for this course and a blog post written by a student in another course in the project from a different location. Compare the the “Whitmans” of the two project locations. What qualities of the writing, persona, or biography seem shared and similar? How might differences be ascribed to changes in age, experience, history, and/or location? What might the post from the other class suggest we look for in “our” Whitman as we continue to read him?

I’d invite everyone to take this on in the following weeks; it’s a great question that can prompt deeper engagement with the affiliated classes and with Whitman himself.  Remember that the field trip site can be a place to look for other aspects of Whitman than we have touched/seen/read/loved ourselves.

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