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Thursday Poems Planning

Ideas welcome here.

20 comments to Thursday Poems Planning

  • It’d be cool if we could incorporate the blogs or videos in some way. Any thoughts?

  • Cool idea, Brady. And of course the beards. If we had time, we could at least have something like a photo slide show of Whitman’s many images AND images of/by the class from our field trip that could play on the screen. I have no idea how to make that.

  • –running silent video or photos
    — Drum-Taps reading: or combined with letters and Memoranda?
    — possibly read poems you annotate?

  • I call either “Abraham Lincoln” (756) or “The Real War Will Never Get in the Books” (802) from _Memoranda During the War_. (Anybody want the other one?)

  • Jessica Eadie

    Hi all! I would love to read “Come Up from the Fields Father.”

  • I think Meghan and I are going to read Wound Dresser

  • I’m really interested in Rise O Days from Your Fathomless Deeps, but I can’t remember the rough allotment we gave for each reader. Reading aloud 2 and 3 of Rise O Days takes me almost 3 minutes, so I can do just that much if I’m taking too much time already. Maybe someone else would like to read 1, like a person who has only a little to read or isn’t sure s/he can be at the reading?

  • Forgot to mention that Rise O Days is on pp. 427-29.

  • Alternatively, if Group B or the bitter Sam would like to read Rise O Days, I’m happy to do A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim and As Toilsome I Wander’d Virginia’s Woods (441-42).

  • Natalie, Group B, i.e. Courtney and I, wanted to read Rise O Days. However, I read it aloud and it only took 4 minutes, which gives Courtney and I each only 2 minutes of reading. Is that enough? If we need to take up more time, Natalie can read Rise O Days and Courtney and I can each choose a separate poem.

  • I think it makes sense for at least one of you to read that since you’re studying it, so why don’t I just claim A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim and As Toilsome I Wander’d Virginia’s Woods, and you guys can decide whether you both or just one of you should do Rise O Days. Can anyone remember about how much time we should plan for each reader to have?

  • I would like to claim A March in the Ranks Hard-Prest, and the Road Unknown!! See you all tomorrow!

  • Hey all,
    Plan/claim about 2 minutes apiece, but also choose one backup in case we end up short.

    Unless someone else wants it, I will read the Tender Whitman poem “Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Night.” I’ll choose a backup from Memoranda, maybe.

    I was thinking it might be good for someone to begin the reading/set the scene with “Year that Trembled and Reel’d Beneath Me”– I can do it, or anyone else can jump in who wants to. Brady might also do “The Real War will never get in the books” early on, unless he’s decided for the section on My Lover Lincoln.

  • Hey, I’d like to claim “Unnamed remains the bravest soldier” and “How Solemn as One by One” if that’s okay…

  • I’ll be reading “Give me the Splendid Silent Sun”. Unfortunately, I’ve got class until 4:45, so I will be showing up right after that. See you there!

  • I can’t remember if Jessica is going to be there tonight, but I figured that we could split “The Cenetarian’s Story” (430-434) If not, I would like to read from the poem “Calvary Crossing a Ford” to “By the Bivouac’s Fitful Flame” (435-436).

  • Plus, I have all the beards and was wondering if it would be appropriate to bring a bottle or two of Walt’s Wit to show off?

  • Sam- I can not make it tonight. Unfortunately I will not get out of my babysitting job until 6pm. Good luck everyone with the reading!

  • mscanlon

    Sam, yes, bring beards and beer.

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